校园安全 & 安全

在阿尔伯马尔学院(COA), 我们学生的安全, 工作人员, 教师和访客是最优先考虑的问题. While COA’s 校园安全 and 安全 department and security officers are a vital part of that commitment, 一个真正安全的校园只有通过我们的共同努力才能实现, 共同努力,确保最大限度地保护人民和财产. 我们鼓励你做出负责任的决定, 无论是校内还是校外, and help us reach our goal of providing a safe educational environment for everyone.


To receive free text or voice message notifications for emergencies and college closings, log into 辅酶a警报 输入您的用户名和密码.


从晚上11点开始,禁止进入COA大楼.m. 和7a.m. Access during other closed hours is governed by the following procedures: Prior arrangements will need to be made and approved by the appropriate campus vice president or dean. 安保人员需要被告知有关安排.

The Facilities Use Agreement/校园 Pass form is available in the GroupWise library for visitor access during closed hours.

工作人员, 最好是那个部门的, 是否需要陪同学生访问任何学术设施.

Two people must be present when using a facility where potential for injury exists, 比如商店或实验室.

COA -大胆 COA - Edenton-Chowan COA -申博平台 COA - Currituck
院长:252-473-2264分机. 7020

保安服务台:252-473-2264分机. 7509


安全服务台:252-482-7900分机. 6009


总机:252-335-0821分机. 0

保安主任:252-335-0821 ext. 2228

保安服务台:252-335-0821 ext. 2348


保安服务台:252-453-3035分机. 8109


可以随时联系保安寻求协助. 安全 officers (available only at the COA -申博平台 and COA - Edenton-Chowan) are available to escort students, 工作人员, 教师, 以及进出学校所有建筑和停车场的访客. If security assistance is not requested, we suggest walking with a friend rather than alone.

保安人员受过观察和报告的训练. 接到电话后, security officers are dispatched immediately to the site of the complaint to render assistance, 写一份安全申博官方报告, 听取证人的陈述,并根据需要进行后续调查. The police department and college personnel are notified of serious incidents requiring assistance and further investigation.


Victims of sexual crimes may receive confidential assistance from the organizations listed below. Many sexual assaults and rapes involving college students are “acquaintance rapes” or “date rapes.“校园犯罪的受害者有权选择心理咨询, 医疗, prosecution and reporting of their case through the college reporting system and the off-campus court system. Victims also have the right to refuse to report the crime without reproach from any college personnel.

校园 组织 电话
伊丽莎白市 性侵犯
Edenton-Chowan 性侵犯
所有 医疗紧急情况 911

根据2000年的校园性犯罪预防法案, COA provides a link to the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry. 下面列出了北卡罗来纳州和其他州的注册网站.




In 1998, the 校园安全法 was amended and renamed the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of 校园 安全 Policy and 校园 Crime Statistics Act. The Act requires COA to prepare and distribute (to all current 教师, 工作人员 and students) an 年度报告 which sets forth our policies on crime prevention issues and provide statistics on the number of specific violent crimes (murder, 过失和非过失杀人罪, 暴力和非暴力性犯罪, 抢劫, 加重攻击罪, 入室盗窃, 纵火, 机动车盗窃和仇恨犯罪)发生在校园, 以及校园内因违反酒类法律而被逮捕的人数, 吸毒违规和持有武器. 年度报告可在 U.S. 教育部. Printed copies are available from the Vice President of Student Success and Enrollment Management.
在任何财产上持有武器都是违法的, 由北卡罗莱纳教育机构租用或占用. This includes but is not limited to handguns, rifles, BB guns, air rifles, bows and swords. If you have any questions related to weapons on campus, contact your campus security office or dean.

促进无毒品和无酒精的环境是每个人的责任. COA supports and is committed to maintaining such an environment for all employees and students. 非法制造, 分布, 调剂, 占有, or use of a controlled substance by employees or students at any official college location, 或在任何地点代表学院参加活动, 是被禁止的. “Controlled substance” generally refers to drugs that have a high potential for abuse, 包括海洛因, 可卡因, 裂纹, 大麻, 非医生处方的PCP和合法药物. Possessing, consuming or serving alcoholic beverages at any college location is also prohibited.

所有校园都是无烟的. 禁止在建筑物内或校园内任何地方吸烟, 包括停车场和停在里面的车.

如果你因为任何与吸毒或酗酒有关的原因需要帮助, COA的一名咨询人员将作为推荐来源.

阿尔伯马尔学院 strives to offer high-quality instruction and learning experiences for students in its programs and courses. 课程的开发是为了确保学生的最佳成功. 如遇不可抗力, the College reserves the right to modify instruction and/or delivery of its courses and coursework. This may include changing course modality from face-to-face courses to online or to utilize web conferencing.

“不可抗力”包括, 但不限于以下情况:火灾, 地震, 飓风, 洪水, 内乱和大流行病.

In the event that a tornado or hurricane presents an immediate threat to individuals on a COA campus, AlertNow会向校园发出警报, 大学员工或校园保安. The safest location during a tornado or hurricane is in an interior room with no windows. 离开某一区域前,请关闭所有门窗.
In the event of a medical emergency, call the emergency phone numbers listed above. 如果受害者失去知觉,拨打911并通知当地校园管理员.
Buildings should be evacuated immediately whenever a building fire alarm sounds or when you are instructed to evacuate. 当接到疏散大楼的通知时, 迅速走到最近的有标志的出口,并提醒其他人也这样做. 离开前一定要关好办公室和教室的门. Faculty and 工作人员 are to notify students and visitors to assemble in an area at least 100 feet from the building. 请协助残障人士离开大楼. COA每季度进行一次消防演习.

当校园进入紧急状态时, 所有非必要人员, students and visitors will need to immediately begin an orderly evacuation of the campus. Notification will be made by text message to those who have signed up for AlertNow, 以及通过计算机安全通知系统. COA security and maintenance personnel will assist with directing traffic to ensure a safe and quick evacuation.在每学期开始的时候, instructors will identify all individuals who may need assistance exiting a building in an emergency, 包括坐轮椅的人, 那些有任何限制行动能力的人, 视力或听力受损的人, and anyone else who might have difficulty following directions in an emergency. Instructors will consult with these students as to the best way to assist them. The names and locations of these individuals will be given to the business office, 安全部门将在紧急情况下提供协助.

在紧急情况下,建筑物的电梯通常不能使用, and individuals with limited mobility may require assistance from COA 工作人员 with using the stairs. 如需协助, please notify security or the switchboard and someone will be dispatched to assist in the evacuation.

各校区疏散信息 & 说明地图

身份证的目的是帮助识别学生, 教职员工以及不允许进入校园的个人. 虽然你在校园里不需要展示你的徽章, 你得把它拿在手里. Students displaying suspicious behavior or violating any of the responsibilities identified in the 学生手册 会被要求出示身份证吗. 没有适当证件的人将被要求离开校园. 如果学生拒绝离开, 警方将被通知,该学生将被指控非法侵入. 你的身份证也可以作为你的借书证.
儿童不得进入任何教室、实验室、图书馆或学生区. 任何时候都不得将儿童留在无人看管的车辆内, 或者被带到特殊的大学活动和注册中. Exceptions to this may be cleared with the appropriate administrative officer or department chair.